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Ringu (1998)
Chinese w/English subtitles

Reiko Asakawa is researching into a 'Cursed Video' interviewing kids about it. When her niece Tomoko dies of 'sudden heart failure' with a face of terror on her, Reiko investigates. Shes finds out that some of Tomoko's friends who had been on a holiday with Tomoko the week before had died on exactly the same night at the exact same time in the exact same way. Reiko goes to the cabin where the teens had stayed and finds an 'unlabled' video tape. Reiko watched the tape to discover its the 'cursed videotape'. Ex Husband Ryuji helps Reiko solve the mystery, Reiko makes a copy for him. Things become more tense when her son Yoichi watches the tape saying Tomoko had told him too. They discovery takes them to a volcanic island where they discover that the video has a connection to a Pyscic who died 30 years ago, and her child Sadako...
The Maid (2005)
Genre: Horror

Alone for the first time and away from her family in rural Philippines, Rosa Dimaano arrives in the cosmopolitan city state of Singapore to work as a maid. Her employers Mr and Mrs Teo runs a Chinese Teochew dialect opera troupe takes well to their new domestic help. So do their mentally disabled son, Ah Soon. In Chinese superstition, the seventh month of the lunar calendar is regarded as the month when the gates of hell open for forsaken spirits to walk the earth for 30 days. Unknown to Rosa, she arrives on the eve and her hell is about to begin.
Sequel to "Tetsou" this time has the Iron Man transforming into cyberkinetic gun when a gang of vicious skinheads kidnap his son. When the skinheads capture him, they begin to experiment on him...speeding up the mutative process!
Based on a series of fantasy novels by Hideyuki Kikuchi, Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust is a bloody anime adventure. Set in the distant future, the story focuses on D (voice by Andrew Philpot), the son of a vampire and a mortal who has dedicated his life to exterminating vampires. D is pursuing Charlotte (Wendee Lee), who has been carried off by vampire Meier Link (John Rafter Lee). The bounty-hunting Markus brothers and tough-talking Leila (Pamela Segall) are also on the trail. A long, violent chase brings them to the Castle of Carmila the Bloody Countess (Julia Fletcher), where the narrative founders in a series of confusing illusions that lead to an inconclusive ending. Bloodlust looks better in still images that evoke Yoshitaka Amano's intricate illustrations than it does in motion. The very limited drawn animation clashes visually with the more fluid computer-generated imagery--D's cape billows dramatically, but his expression rarely changes. Fans of such violent anime features as Sword for Truth and Ninja Resurrection will enjoy the no-holds-barred action sequences, but more squeamish viewers will be put off by the beheadings, impalements, disembowelments, etc. Vampire Hunter D, an earlier, more modest feature based on the same material, is a better adaptation
R-Point (2004)
With English Subtitles
Military/ Horror

A long-lost unit of Korean soldiers fighting in the Vietnam war dispatches a distress signal six months after everybody considered them dead. A squad of nine men is sent to investigate the situation, especially since the call came from a non-combat area. They come to the R-Point area, and in the midst of a vast field they discover a solitary mansion, empty and dilapidated. The area of a massive burial ground was considered sacred by the Vietnamese, and an inscription on the stone says that no one who’s got blood on their hands will leave the spot.
This creepy, supernatural thriller revolves around the paranoid belief that those dearest to you may want you dead.
Death Note (2006)
Drama, Horror, Mystery

English Subtitles

Yagami Light is an ace student with great prospects, who's bored out of his mind. One day he finds the "Death Note": a notebook from the realm of the Death Gods, with the power to kill people in any way he desires. With the Death Note in hand, Light decides to create his perfect world, without crime or criminals. However, when criminals start dropping dead one by one, the authorites send the legendary detective L to track down the killer, and a battle of wits, deception and logic ensues...
Fantasy / Thriller
An up-and-coming female police detective takes on a serial killer who enters the minds of his victims. Can she stop him before she becomes his next victim?
warning: contains disturbing violence

"In "Android of Notre Dame," a scientist's sister has a dreaded heart disease that is slowly killing her.

Now, he must find a way to cure her in any way possible. Animal research can only do so much but, on the other hand, a real human body could work wonders...."
Drama / Horror

English Subtitle

Sometimes inheritance is a curse

Plot Outline:
A Taiwanese man returns to the island after years abroad when he inherits a house; when he and his fiancé move in, strange things start to happen.
Alone (2007)
Eng Subs (Horror/Drama)
The brilliant and terrifying horror film "ALONE" tells the story of Pim who moved from Thailand to Korea to escape the guilt of being the surviving half of a conjoined twin.
A mysterious masked man starts to terrorize the island. One by one the trip members are killed with their blood being consumed.
Ghost Game (2006)
Comedy / Horror
Open At Your Own Risk

Plot Ghost Game is a 2006 Thai horror film about 11 contestants on a reality TV show who must stay in an abandoned military prison where atrocities took place years before.
Riki-Oh: The Story Of Ricky - a.k.a. Lik Wong
A young man with superhuman strength is incarcerated at a prison run by corrupt officials and seeks to use his martial arts to clean up the system.
Kagbeni (2008)
Upon the returning to his village after a long spell in Malaysia, Krishna travels to a neighboring village with his childhood friend Ramesh. On their journey they encounter a hermit who returns Krishna's kindness with a strange gift — a monkey's paw that will grant your wish. Unaware of its ominous powers, Ramesh makes a wish. Thus begins the journey of betrayal and revenge.
On a day trip through the countryside, aspiring opera singer In-jeong flees to the woods to escape the advances of her lecherous professor and mentor, Yeong-sun. When a seemingly harmless local man offers her a ride to the bus station, In-jeong thinks she's been saved - until he insists that they stop to meet his friends, a disturbed group of country-bred thugs. In-jeong finds herself reunited with Yeong-sun and it slowly becomes clear that the pair is being held captive to participate in the gang's sadistic mind games. This film examines the power struggles that exist even at the lowest rung of society.
Re-Cycle (2006)
Re-Cycle - a.k.a. Gwai wik
From the famous writers, directors, and producers, Pang Brothers (The Eyes,The Eyes 2). A young love novel writer embarks on her next novel, "Re-cycle". The book deals with the world of the supernaturals. Being a writer, she wants a first hand experience with the supernaturals. After drafting a chapter, she deletes the file which contains the draft from her computer. Later, she begins to see weird things. Soon she finds it increasingly hard to tell what is real and what is imaginary. Slowly she is drawn into the other world, in which she experiences real and pure horror.
Face (2004)
Lee Hyun-min, who works reconstructing faces from skull, quits his work in a institute to stay with his Beta-allergic daughter Jin that was submitted to a transplant of heart by the specialist Dr. Yoon. The newcomer researcher to the institute Jung Sun-young comes to his house bringing the skull of a victim of a serial-killer that had her whole body melted down with acid by the murderer. Hyun-min refuses the assignment, but he is haunted by the ghost of the victim and scared he decides to reconstruct the face of the woman. When Jin has trouble with the transplanted heart, Hyun-min requests the donor case history to Dr. Yoon, but the doctor refuses to give the information, claiming confidentiality issue. Dr. Yoon becomes the prime suspect of Detective Suh, who is in charge of the investigation of the murder cases, and he discloses the identity of the victim based on the reconstructed face. Meanwhile Hyun-min has a premonition and finds another skull buried a long time ago below the sand in a field. He reconstructs the face, unraveling a supernatural secret.
Japanese Horror Trilogy:

Next Door (Hong Kong): It is July of the lunar calendar; the month of the ghost festival. On a fateful night when Taiwanese girl Jane returns to look for her policeman boyfriend Joe, only to discover that he has started an affair with his neighbor Hosie, a girl from China.

Dark Hole (Japan): Bride-to-be Yuki has suffered from nightmares.

The Lost Memory (Thailand): Prang is a single mother who lives with her young son. A mysterious man seems to shadow Prang wherever she goes.
English Subtitles

The Oily Maniac - a.k.a. You gui zi
A cripple takes revenge on criminals by using a magic spell that transforms him into an oily monster/superhero.
English subtitles

A student committed suicide, leaving behind a mysterious diary. Those who dare to read it are bound to die

Min-Ah finds a strange diary, capable of arousing hallucinations, kept by two of her senior fellow-students, Hyo-Shin and Shi-Eun, who seem to have an unusually close bond. But Hyo-Shin suddenly kills herself, for no obvious reason, and the entire school is shocked and depressed. Min-Ah, however, starts to feel different. It's almost as if she's somehow possessed by the dead girl...
Epitaph (2007)
Drama / Horror

English Subtitle

Plot Synopsis:
Browsing an old photo book in 1979, Park Jeong-nam travels back with his memories to 1942, when Korea was occupied by Japan, when he was a young and immature intern doctor in Anseong Hospital. During those four days, strange events will happen, when corpses brought to the mortuary aren't able to rest in piece.

Movie Has English Subtitles

Refa’s hidden agenda, to trick Astari to abort the baby. When the abortion plan fails, Refa buries Astari and her baby alive in a secluded area near Casablanca.

Astari, becomes a revengeful spirit and puts a curse on Refa and his generation to come so that they will never have peace. The nightmare for Refa begins...

Terowongan Casablanca is an underpass in South Jakarta. Based on the police reports, many accidents have happened in the underpass. There is an urban legend that this area is haunted by a spirit of a high school student who died on the 70s because she failed to have an abortion. The story is based on this legend.
Thailand Horror
With English Subtitles

Based on a true story...
Dr. Yuth is obsessed with finding the truth behind the newspaper report on the incident in which film projectionists were hired to screen movies to a throng of ghosts..will it cost his sanity ?
Comedy/ Horror
With English Subtitles

The day that Pil-gi waited for so many years has finally come: he’s getting his own house, the last wish of his deceased father. And what a perfect house it is! Big, beautiful, isolated, next to the ocean and at that price, Pil-gi couldn't have found a better place. All is going fine, until some inexplicable event start to happen in the house.
WARNING- Extreme gore and nudity

"An artist finds and rescues a mermaid in a sewer. He takes her home with him and she develops sores all over her body that begin to pustulate and bleed.

He uses what oozes from her sores to paint her portrait. When he can no longer handle it anymore he breaks down and dismembers her body."
Hong Kong Movie
A.K.A. "Sien nui yau wan"
Movie Has English Subtitles

"An effective mix of genres, including horror, romance, comedy and action, 'A Chinese Ghost Story' is one of the seminal films of the 1980s Hong Kong New Wave movement. A young Leslie Cheung plays a tax collector who finds shelter one night in an abandoned temple where he falls in love with the ghost of a beautiful woman held captive by an evil Tree Demon. When he decides to rescue her, he gets more than he bargained for (including a trip to the underworld).

Director Sam Raimi (Spiderman) has acknowledged the huge influence of this film on his own work (see The Army of Darkness and select episodes of Xena that include shot-by-shot tributes to Ching’s film). And like Raimi’s work, Chinese Ghost Story’s refusal to be locked into any genre conventions gives it an energy that’s still unsurpassed 20 years later."

Histeria (2008)
‘Histeria’ is a horror story which takes place at a private college evolving around
this of 7 students Alissa, Tini, Malini, Murni, Maryam, Jenny and Kerek who so call
name themselves the “Pink Flamingo”. One day they decided to pull a prank and
pretended to be hysterical.
Biozombie (1989)
Hong Kong's answer to George Romero's Dawn Of The Dead. A soft drink tainted with bio-chemicals has the power to turn people into flesh-eating zombies.

Cantoneses with English subs
Thirst (2009)
A failed medical experiment turns a man of faith into a vampire.Sang-hyun, a priest working for a hospital, selflessly volunteers for a secret vaccine development project intended to eradicate a deadly virus. However, the virus eventually takes over the priest. He nearly dies, but makes a miraculous recovery by an accidental transfusion of vampire blood. He realizes his sole reason for living: the pleasures of the flesh.
Movie Has English Subtitles

"What kind of scenes in a horror film scares you the most? When a ghost appears totally unexpectedly? When the main character does not see the ghost sneaking up behind him? When at the very end you find out that the main character was actually a ghost all along? But none of this compares to the feeling of arriving home alone and suddenly being stuck by a feeling of dj vu that you are reenacting the very same scenes in the horror movie you just saw!

This movie will scare you from the second you step inside the movie theater. It will get you wondering if Something or Someone might be waiting for you to let your guard down. You might be left wondering if the horror movie that you just saw is about to happen to you in real life! Coming Soon..."

This Japanese import features enough creepy body horror to please any David Cronenberg fan. MEATBALL MACHINE begins as a romance between two factory workers, but their love affair isn't interrupted by any of the usual suspects such as infidelity or a fight. Instead, an alien invasion threatens the couple's love, as parasites begin taking over human bodies in the most grotesque of ways.
Vanished (2006)
Vanished a.k.a Ame no machi

Thirty-five years ago, a group of young school children disappeared in the Japanese woods. In present day Japan, a lazy young reporter is tasked to write a story on a child who is found dead with gory injuries and inexplicable missing organs.

Suddenly, the child rises from the dead, and takes the journalist on a journey into the woods to unravel a decades-old mystery of what happened to these missing children.

Based on a true story. A six-piece band went on tour. In one particular hotel, the band stayed in room 409, the only restroom in the hotel. Keyboardist Boy noticed a white cloth poking out from the air conditioner. He pulled the cloth, then immediately fled the room. The other band members followed suit -- having witnessed a terrifying woman with long hair, who scrutinized them with murderous revenge in her eye.

Presently, the band met with a monk who told them of a murder three months ago: Sangdaw, a prostitute in the Tulip Hotel, was killed in room 409. Her body was chopped up and her decapitated head hidden behind the air-con unit. How is the band to deal with this? Have they been mortally cursed by the tragic ghost?
Izo (2004)
Horror/ Drama / Action / Fantasy

English Subtitle

Plot Summary:
We begin in 1865, when the Shogunate is on its last legs, but still capable of punishing its enemies...

After killing dozens of the Shogun's men, Izo is captured and crucified. Instead of being extinguished, his rage propels him through the space-time continuum to present-day Tokyo, where he finds himself one with the city's homeless.
2LDK (2003)
Two female roommates, locked in a duel to the death, is the basis for 2LDK, a vicious black comedy about competition, co-habitation, and catfights! Two struggling actresses are sharing an apartment and auditioning for the same role. Petty squabbles turn into fits of rage that involves power tools and electrocution devices! 2LDK is a twisted gem from Japan.
Uzumaki (2000)
Uzumaki ( "Spiral") , released in 2000, is based on Junji Ito's episodic manga of the same name. The plot concerns a town infected with malevolent spirals. This abstract concept manifests in grotesque ways, such as a teenager's long hair beginning to curl and take over her mind, or a corpse wound around itself.

Among many bizarre features of the film is a heavy treatment with green colour filters, aping the style of the colour plates in the manga.
Dark Water - a.k.a. Honogurai mizu no soko kara

Following up on his horror smash hits Ringu and Ringu 2, Hideo Nakata directs this supernatural psychological drama about a middle aged woman struggling to cling on to her sanity after moving into a mysterious and run-down apartment with her daughter.

Already struggling to cope with the stress of her divorce and a custody battle with her husband, she begins to see and experience things that make her question if her apartment building is haunted.

Dorm (2006)
With English subtitles

The plot begins with a twelve year old boy called Chatree being driven to a new boarding school in the countryside by his parents, apparently as a result of his father's desire for him to study harder. Chatree soon finds himself caught up in a real life haunting after he begins to suspect that his new friend Wichien may be harbouring a sinister secret of his own.
The Echo (2004)
Filipino Horror Movie
A.K.A. "Sigaw"
Movie Has English Subtitles

You have a companion, you just don't know it...

Marvin is delighted with his apartment in an old building. However, he becomes increasingly troubled by the events in a nearby apartment, where a couple, Anna and Bert, and their daughter Lara live. Marvin can not help but hear the sounds of the irrationally jealous Bert frequently beating his wife Anna, and Marvin even takes pity on their daughter Lara, who begins coming to his apartment to hide.

Since Bert is a cop, Marvin is uncertain of what to do: His report to the landlord is met with indifference and the advice to simply ignore the situation. Eventually, Marvin can not take hearing and even seeing Anna being beaten, and moves out of the apartment building.

However, Marvin finds that he can not escape the situation so easily, as he is literally haunted no matter where he goes. Marvin realizes he must go back to the apartment building, and face whatever horrors are hidden there....

Six (2004)
Fai (Intira Charoenpura) is a girl who’s mysteriously connected to the number “6″, which is related to her bad luck. On the night before her 24th birthday (2+4 = 6) , her friends come to celebrate. Ong (Watcharachai Sataphitak), one of her friend who has the knowledge of horoscope finds the snake star in the sky, which rarely appears in rainy season. It’s the sign of bad luck that could claim their life, but Khan (Ray Macdonald) insists to everyone that’s absolutely nonsense and wants to prove the truth. Following Khan’s belief, all 6 friends head to a desolate mansion that has been told about 6 coffins lying somewhere in the mansion. They come face to face with supernatural events that come along with their ultimate fear.
Cure (1997)
Japanese/Eng subs

A wave of gruesome murders is sweeping Tokyo. The only connection is a bloody "X" carved into the neck of each of the victims. In each case the murderer is found near the victim and remembers nothing of the crime. Detective Takabe and psychiatrist Sakuma are called in to figure out the connection but their investigation goes nowhere. An odd, young man is arrested near the scene of the latest murder, who has a strange effect on everyone who comes into contact with him. Detective Takabe starts a series of interrogations to determine the man's connection with the killings.
The Eye 2 (2004)
THE EYE 2 aka Gin Gwai 2 "I told you I never would have jumped!" Pregnant Joey teeters on the brink of madness after several fruitless suicide attempts. She's the unwilling recipient of an influx of shadowy images that haunt her pervasively

In an attempt to quell this disturbing phenomenon, she looks up with her secretive ex-lover Sam who may be able to shed some light upon the mysterious twilight world descending upon Joey.
English Subtitles

Based upon the old Korean Cinderella style story of Kongji and Patzzi, the plot revolves around twin sisters So Yeon and Hyo Jin (popular television starlet Park Shin Hye, known for ..[weird characters]..Palace and ..[weird characters]..Trees in Heaven..[weird characters]... After an accident which leaves her sister dead, So Yeon falls into a coma from which she finally awakes ten years later, with no memory of the tragic event or the incidents which led up to it. Although she slowly manages to adjust to her new life and even hesitatingly begins romancing her sister's former beau Hyun Sik (Jae Hee, star of Kim Ki Duk-iron..[weird characters]..), the past gradually comes back to haunt her, as she seemingly takes on her sister's personality traits and a spate of murders terrorises the village. While the locals are quick to blame her for the sinister events, thanks to a barrage of none too subtle flashbacks it's glaringly obvious that something more spooky is going on, leading to a final twist which surprises no-one but the rather slow characters.
Wool 100% (2006)
Strange tale of trash hoarding elderly sisters and their mysterious visitor
G.P. 506 (2008)
GP506. A lonely guard post (GP) is the site of a series of mysterious events that lead a group of soldiers to the conclusion that it is haunted and their lives may be in grave danger. Cheon Ho-jin (Crying Fist, Blood Rain) gets top billing in this horror/drama/thriller from Motise Film. The cast also includes Jo Hyeon-je (Untold Scandal) and Lee Yeong-hoon (No Regrets).

More Info Or

English Subtitle
On her way to school, high school girl Nana sees a train accident. But this is just the beginning of the nightmare that awaits her. Nana and her friend Kanae come across various bizarre phenomena, including red fingerprints and a female spirit who "lives" on the station platform. One day, Nana's younger sister is lost, and the only possibility seems to be that she had been taken by these spirits. The missing tracks. The predictions that a mysterious woman makes. Weird incidents which happen one after another. Entangled series of frights and mysteries lead to a shocking climax.

More Info:
My Ex (2009)
Ken is a hot young superstar and the dream date of every girl. While he can attract any woman he wants, every detail of his life ends up in gossip columns and tabloid magazines. His two previous girlfriends, high-society girl Meen and innocent college student Bow, have already been exposed in the media. After dumping Meen, he is now dating hot actress Ploy and their every move is headline news. When news leaks that Ken will marry Ploy, the media goes into a frenzy and their dream life turns into a nightmare. It seems that someone is stalking them, day and night. But is it an ex-girlfriend, an obsessed fan or a vengeful paparazzi? Nimit, Ken's agent, encourages his client to take a break at a beach house at a report. But the problem only escalates when people around Ken start to disappear one by one.
A Wicked Ghost - aka Saan chuen liu shut
A group of youngsters are having a game of "soul-calling" and a female ghost comes and causes them die one by one. However, Ming, who has some extraordinary power, is not involved in the incident. He finds it strange that his friends died with no cause and decides to find out the truth of their sudden death...
Premonition a.k.a. Yorgen

While stopped at a roadside phone boot for transmitting his work through Internet to the university, Professor Hideki Satomi finds a scrap of newspaper with the picture of his five years old daughter Nana in the obituary. He sees his wife Ayaka Satomi trying to release their daughter from the seat-belt, when a truck without steer hits his car killing Nana. Three years later, Hideki is divorced from Ayaka, who is researching paranormal persons who claim to have read an evil newspaper anticipating the future still trying to believe on Hideki, and she finds that there are people cursed to foresee the future but without power to save the victims. When Hideki changes the future saving Ayaka, he becomes trapped in hell and he has to make a choice of his own destiny.

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