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Live from the Artists Den features recording artists performing in non-traditional settings. Each episode is an hour long and contains interview segments as well as invitation-only performances.
aka: America's Best Dance Crew
aka: ABDC
Hip-hop dance groups from around the U.S. compete for money and a chance to land a touring contract.
aka: Dreams
aka: ABDC
Living in California, a bunch of cool teenagers decide to form a rock band, the Dreams. Between gigs, they have to deal with real-life issues.
A look at life for the members of a boy band who are trying to make it big in the music industry.
aka: Strictly
aka: SCD
A British television show, featuring celebrities with professional dance partners competing in Ballroom and Latin dances. The title of the show suggests a continuation of the long-running series Come Dancing, with an allusion to the film Strictly Ballroom. The format has been exported to 32 other countries (e.g. Dancing with the Stars), and has also inspired a modern-dance themed spin-off Strictly Dance Fever.
A British comedy chat show presented by comedian Alan Carr. The show features interviews with celebrity guests, sketches, topical chat and music.
aka: BGT
aka: SCD
Amateur singers, dancers, comedians, magicians, ventriloquists,
and novelty acts perform for a live audience and a panel of three judges.
If all three judges buzz them off they must stop their act.
Pee-wee's Playhouse: Each show, Pee-Wee Herman comes to his wonderful playhouse where anything can happen. Whether it be screaming at the secret word, entertaining friends like Cowboy Curtis and Ms. Yvonne, or enjoying animation clips presented by the King of Cartoons or the stories of the claymation girl, Penny; there's always lots of fun things to do.
aka: Ellen
aka: SCD
A mix of celebrity interviews, musical performers, audience participation games, and segments spotlighting real people with extraordinary stories and talents, hosted by comedienne Ellen DeGeneres.
Conan (2010)
Conan: Wild. Nocturnal.
Conan O'Brien interviews celebrities and musicians.
aka: Michael Jackson Memorial Service
aka: Michael Jackson Memorial
The public memorial service for the king of pop, Michael Jackson.
aka: Makurosu Furontia
aka: マクロスF (フロンティア
Taking place in 2059 A.D., Macross Frontier chronicles the events of the 25th Frontier fleet, located near the center of the Galaxy. The Frontier comes under attack by a mysterious and deadly force of aliens known as the Vajra. Alto Saotome, a young piloting student bored with his life in the colony, joins a special force of Valkyrie pilots formed in order to combat the Vajra.
Two New Zealander friends experience life, love, friendship, all the usual stuff, while trying to make their lives as a rock band. A rock band that can only schedule a performance at the local aquarium, is run by an eager and overambitious New Zealand buddy, and has only one fan.
So Random! (2011)
The spin-off to Disney's 'Sonny with a Chance', So Random! is a musical sketch comedy with kids in mind. It continues some of the sketches on the original show while introducing new sketches with a new repertory cast.
The X Factor is a television talent show franchise originating in the United Kingdom, where it was devised as a replacement for Pop Idol.
It is a singing competition, now held in various countries, which pits contestants against each other. These contestants are aspiring pop singers drawn from public auditions.
The "X Factor" of the title refers to the undefinable "something" that makes for star quality
A talented young dancer has to learn to fight for his dream despite social and parental disapproval.
aka: Dancing With the Stars (US)
aka: マクロスF (フロンティア
U.S. reality show based on the British series "Strictly Come Dancing," where celebrities partner up with professional dancers and compete against each other in weekly elimination rounds to determine a winner.
Glee (2009)
Glee follows an optimistic high school teacher as he tries to transform the school's once top-flight, but now moribund Glee Club and inspire a group of talented but unfocused performers to make it to, and win, the biggest competition of them all: Nationals. In his way is not just the indifferent principal, but also the sponsors of the cheerleading and football groups both of whom see his efforts as detracting from their own. His wife, whose acquisitiveness is out of control, wants him to ignore his love of teaching and quit to become an accountant, so they'll have more money for her to spend.
Treasure Quest: No description
So Random (2011)
So Random: The spin-off to Sonny with a Chance, So Random! is a musical sketch comedy continuing some of the sketches on the original show while introducing new sketches with a new repertory cast.

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