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Dhokha (2007)
Some betrayals are never forgotten

A ex-convict must flee his mob boss, leaving his family to fend for themselves. The ex-convicts wife in a fit of bad luck turns blind and inevitably his children are abandoned. They are adopted by a Hindu policeman (Amar), a Muslim tailor (Akbar), and a Catholic priest (Anthony). The Hindu raised son becomes a policeman in his turn; his Muslim-raised brother becomes a singer; and the last brother, played by Amitabh Bachchan, becomes a happy-go-lucky Catholic who lives on the edge of law. The boys meet again and their lives become entangled in an incredible twist of unlikely coincidences and furious action sequences interspersed with songs.
EMI (2008)
EMI peeks into the lives of - DJ Ryan (Arjun Rampal), a harried father Chandrakant Desai (Kulbhushan Kharbanda), a newly married couple Anil and Shilpa (Ashish-Neha) and a widow, Prerna (Urmila). All these have either taken huge bank loans or owe a lot of money to the credit card companies. A reckless spender, Ryan likes to enjoy a high life at the cost of plastic money. He takes great pride in being a credit card defaulter.
In short, a Wednesday, are among the best - and bravest - films to come out in 2008. Only one word to describe it: remarkable! A Wednesday tells the story of certain events that take place between 2 and 6 pm on a Wednesday in Mumbai. Events that are not on any record.lash-back: Anupam Kher (Prakash Rathod), the Commissioner of Police, Mumbai received a call requires the release of four militants rather than information on the bombs that man has planted in different parts of Mumbai. At first, Prakash suspect that this is a crank call, but their doubts are removed, when actually has a bomb at the police station right in front of his police headquarters. Prakash Rathod is not the type to leave easily. The team will have their best men together and taps all of its resources. The even hires a young attacker to help his team to track conversations and also the location of the anonymous caller.
The passage of time, but no concrete results are clear. Finally, Prakash Rathod decides to extradite militant groups to call anonymously. Then events take a strange turn. Expect the unexpected on a Wednesday. From the drafting point of view to the completion of written material, writer-director shanky Pandey has never been-there-seen-that route again.
Kabir Khan lives a middle-class lifestyle along with his widowed mom in Delhi, India, and is the Captain of the Indian men’s hockey team. He fails to score at the last tournament resulting in Pakistan winning the World Cup amidst allegations that he was more inclined toward his opponents due to his religion.
Heroes (2008)
Samir Karnik�s Mera Bharat Mahan has now been re-titled as Heroes. The starcast of the film includes Salman Khan, Vatsal Sheth, Sunny Deol,Bobby Deol, Mithun Chakraborty, Sohail Khan, Preity Zinta, Dino Morea, Amrita Arora and Riya Sen.
Heroes is a story of two boys who start their road trip from Delhi to Chandigarh and then Manali to Ladhakh. On their journey these boys come across certain real life characters played by Salman, Preity, Sohail, Sunny and Bobby on this road trip and these people have such an affect that the seed of heroism blooms within them. So, basically the story is about this drastic change in the lives of these two boys.
Karzzzz (2008)
The film is a remake of \\\"Karz\\\" which starred: Rishi Kapoor, Simi Garewal and Tina Munim in the lead roles. This film might be different than the old one. The film is planned to be released October 17, 2008. Karzzzz is about reincarnation. But in the promo, the dialogue is the same as the old one.
Tashan (2008)
In the beginning, we see Jimmy Cliff (Saif Ali Khan), a call center executive who also teaches English, as the narrator. Pooja Singh (Kareena Kapoor) shows up outside his class and says she needs private tutoring. Without any hesitation, Jimmy quickly agrees as he has already fallen in love with her; he later finds out that Pooja's boss Bhaiyyaji (Anil Kapoor) is the one that has to be tutored. As their love grows, Pooja reveals that she is only working for Bhaiyyaji to pay her debts and then go to Haridwar for her father's funeral. They decide to steal Bhaiyyaji's money and run away. The couple succeed in their mission, and Jimmy asks Pooja to guard the money while he goes to the call center.
hindi action movie 2009
Sangeeth Sivan

Star Cast
Nana Patekar...... CBI Inspector Rane
Bobby Deol...... Nandu
Shreya Saran...... Preet
Chunky Pandey
Jackie Shroff
Kulbhushan Kharbanda
Aamir (2008)
Aamir is a man-on-the-run thriller revolving around a London based doctor s visit to his family in India. Aamir s maze is set in the Muslim dominated streets and residential pockets of old Bombay. He is made to confront the life he has lived, the "choices" he has made, his dreams, his loves and his immediate fears.
8 X 10 revolves around Jai, a man who has the power to see into the past. He uses this power to help people even though using it nearly kills him every time. When his father, Jatin, dies in a mysterious boating accident, Jai's suspicion is aroused by the appearance of an oddball detective, Happi. The only article that can help him in his investigation is an 8 X 10 photograph taken just minutes before the accident by his mother Savitri that shows Jatin surrounded by his best friend and lawyer, Anil, his adopted son, Adit and younger brother, Sundar. Jai decides to use this photograph to go into the past to unravel the mystery surrounding Jatin's death. As he discovers clues he realizes that his father was actually murdered and that everyone on the boat had a motive. Now on a mission to unmask the killer, he undertakes the dangerous journey of visiting the past repeatedly. A cat and mouse game ensues, with the killer outwitting Jai at every turn. As the bodies pile up and time begins to run out, Jai ventures into the photo one last time with the killer on his heels. Does Jai discover who the killer is? Will the killer get him before the truth is uncovered? Does he get out of the photo in time before it is destroyed?
99 (2009)
It is the story of two men in two cities, who are bound by a common feeling of always being stuck at '99'. They never seem to make it to a 'century' - in life. It is an unpredictable and hilarious ride spread over two cities with colorful characters, unbelievable circumstances, small-time crooks, big-time conspiracies, fateful car crashes, a briefcase full of money... and a historical controversy brewing in the background!
Luck (2009)
Kaminey (2009)
KAMINEY is a story about two brothers, Charlie & Guddu who happen to be twins. Charlie lisps while Guddu has a stutter problem. They are as different as chalk and cheese. And they can’t stand the sight of each other. Till one fateful rainy night, when their lives cross. Charlie gets mixed up in a deathly get rich quick scheme, while Guddu realizes that the love of his life, Sweety, has unwittingly put a price on his head. It’s a dark comic ride there on as the brothers are sucked into a world of drugs, guns and money. Their lives collide head on with the lives of gangsters, rebel soldiers, rogue politicians and crooked cops. In the middle of this crazy adventure, the brothers have to run to protect themselves, their dreams, their love.... And most importantly, realise that all they have is each other.
Blue (2009)
Kylie Minogue. The international “Showgirl” makes her debut [as a musical guest] in to the Bollywood scene with the underwater action caper, which is the biggest novelty of the film.
Acid Factory 2009
Fox (2009)
The story of a young, successful criminal lawyer, Arjun Kapoor (Arjun Rampal) whose knowledge and aggressive interpretation of the law makes him a name to reckon with. He is reputed to have never lost a case and can get anyone acquitted, no matter what the crime. No wonder, then, criminals swear by his name.
Striker (2010)
Set in a Bombay ghetto in the mid 80's and based on true-life accounts, Striker is a story of triumph of human spirit over indomitable odds.Born into a poor family, Surya grows up with few luxuries. Poor health keeps him away him away from school and that is when his elder brother introduces him to carrom.
A tale of two gangsters from the eras of past and present, whose lives enter parallel paths as they struggle to survive within Bombay's criminal underworld.
A promising journalist Vikas Sagar (Zayed Khan) is offered a position to head a controversial news station in Istanbul by its owner Owais Husain (Sunil Shetty). With this offer comes the promise of money and many other perks that make this offer hard to refuse, especially since Vikas is currently going through a very painful divorce with his wife Anjali (Shriya Saran). After working for the channel that in turn changes his life, he decides to quit, however it is brought to his attention by a Turkish commando Rizwan Khan (Vivek Oberoi), that others who have quit had been killed for knowing too much. It becomes a battle - which will win, the sword or the pen?
Rakht (2004)
Bipasha Basu plays a tarot card reader Drishti, who has an incredible ability to predict future with her cards and foresee certain incidents much before they actually happen. She is a widow with an 8-year-old son. Among Drishti\\\'s clients is Rhea (Neha Dhupia), who is an abused wife seeking some help to find solution to her husband Sunny\\\'s (Dino Morea) violent behaviour. Drishti advises Rhea to leave her husband. Her advice only angers Rhea\\\'s husband and he threatens Drishti with dire consequences if she did not stop counselling his wife.
Nakshatra (2010)
Nakshatra is a romantic thriller that deals the complexities of life. It is a story that portrays different shades of colors that paint a bond of love between two completely different people. It is a story about a dreamer, whose dream is mislead by destiny, as it charges ahead to prove itself. It is a story about the dreamer who then chases the law of love, truth, justice and destiny.
Red Alert: The War Within is an upcoming Indian film. The film is based on the true story of an Andhra farm labourer who becomes involved with a group of Naxalites.
Rakht Charitra(or Rakt Charitra) 2010 is coming soon, is directed by Ram Gopal Verma, Film will release in Hindi, Telugu and Tamil language. It is an action film as well as political drama. It is the based on the life of the slain political leader Paritala Ravindra, which is played by Vivek Oberoi. Another character is Maddelacheruvu Suri which is played by Surya Sivakumar and Shatrughan Sinha playing the role of N. T. Rama Rao, Priyamani play a role of Bhanumati, along with Kota Srinivasa Rao and Radhika Apte in other side actor roles
Mukhbiir (2008)
A story by Mani Shankar, where espionage meets the underworld , the world that is all around us, yet beyond our grasp. Ever present, yet never seen. True and credible in every detail� Fascinating, compelling, unforgettable.
Rishtey (2002)
Starring: Anil Kapoor, Karisma Kapoor, Shilpa Shetty
Kaante (2002)
The movie is mostly inspired from Reservoir Dogs which in turn was inspired by Ringo Lams City on Fire starring Chow Yun Fat.
Mohra (1994)
A journalist gets involved in the case of man convicted for the murder of the four college students who had been responsible for the death of his wife.
An unsafe journey by a common man.
Vishwanathan, a Kathak dance teacher in New York, is in a rather happy marriage with Nirupama who is a nuclear oncologist. She hires a detective to keep a watch on her husband, who ...
Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time In Hindi
Tezz (2012)
Watch Tezz: To revenge his past, Aakash Rana plants bomb in a train endangering lives of 500 passengers.
After the death of his first wife, wealthy Raja Aditya Pratap Singh, re-marries another woman, simply known as Chhoti Rani, who subsequently becomes mentally unstable. His father's former mistress, Badi Rani, controls the wealth, while he himself has a mistress. Unable to procure contracts through Mantri Prabhu Tiwari, he decides to stand for elections, while his rival, Ghenda Singh, recruits an assassin, Babalu, who is also the nephew of Sunder, Chhoti Rani's chauffeur, to kill Aditya. After Sunder is unable to drive due to an injury, he recommends Babalu, and Aditya hires him. Babalu settles down in his new job, attempts to get accepted by everyone, including Chhoti Rani, who he finds attractive. He soon finds out that she, too, has feelings for him, and then starts making plans of not only carrying out his assigned task but also becoming the next Saheb.
Dabangg (2010)
He's the BAD-ASS Robin Hood!

Set in Laalgurj, Uttar Pradesh, Dabangg is a story of Chulbul Pandey (Salman Khan), a totally fearless but corrupt police officer with unorthodox working methods.
Aakrosh (2010)
Aakrosh is an adaptation from an article of Times of India during the time of 1995, the story is about Honour Killings.
Knock Out (2010)
KnockOut is a fast paced thriller that happens in real time. In just two hours 11am to 1pm an enigmatic vigilante pulls off an incredible, mind blowing coup and a new chapter of Indian history is written.
Sadgati (1984)
Untouchable shoemender Dukhi comes to the Brahmin's and asks him to arrange his daughter's engagement. The Brahmin belongs to a higher caste. He wants Dukhi to work for him (and for free) before agreeing... A plea against the indian system of castes.
Born to an owner of a marriage bureau Champak Lal, Mansukh has been a complete failure ever since he has grown up and tried to help his father in their family business... 
Singam 2 (2013)
A tough cop performs an undercover operation and identifies some nefarious activities in the seas around the coastal town.
Rebellious and uninhibited Reshma lives an impoverished lifestyle with her mother, Ratnamma, in 1980s South India. She is an ardent fan of film actor, Suryakant, and her one ambition in life is to meet and act with him. She runs away to Madras, and like, hundreds of young women, lines up outside Jupiter Studios to try and get noticed. With her plain, next-door-girl looks, she gets ignored but as fate could have it she is given a chance to play a minor role after she manages to sneak into the studios. The role exploits her as a sex symbol, driving males to the cinema houses to absorb her movements and beauty. Virtually overnight she, now renamed Silk, becomes a sensation, and together with the aging superstar, Suryakant, the one she had always fantasized about, she sizzles the silver screen with her sex appeal. Suryakant's brother, Ramakant, an author, is smitten by her - so much so that he would like her to opt out of movies altogether, so that he could marry her. But the rebellious woman that she is, jeopardizes her chance of impressing his parents - by challenging the upcoming siren, Shakila, to a competition. And it is this move that will bring about even more changes in her life.
Commando (2013)
Karan Dogra and Indian commando lands in China due to plane crash.But Indian government term him as terrorist
Rambo Rajkumar:
Kurbaan (2009)
Rensil D’Silva’s Kurbaan is set against the backdrop of terrorism and the distortion of religion.
Kareena Kapoor lives in the US but returns to Delhi when her father has a cardiac arrest. She meets Ehsaan (Saf Ali Khan) , a Delhi University Professor. They get married and move to the US.
It is not long before Kareena Kapoor realizes that she is a pawn in Ehsaan’s game. He turns out to be a terrorist who marries her in order to cover up his identity. Ehsaan keeps her under house arrest. Soon Kareena finds out that Ehsaan plans to hijack an aeroplane. One of the passengers on that plane is Vivek Oberoi, a journalist.
It is upto Kareena and Vivek to thwart Ehsaan’s plans.
Rann (2010)
Vijay Malik (Amitabh Bachchan), the ethical CEO of struggling television channel India 24/7, is losing the ratings battle with a rival channel headed by Amrish Kakkar (Mohnish Behl). Malik's son Jai (Sudeep) makes a deal with a wealthy and corrupt politician, Mohan Pandey, to frame the Prime Minister for being complicit in a terror attack. Pandey can then take over the position and Jai will have enough money to start his own channel. Believing the story is true, Malik airs it on his network. However, one of Malik's reporters (Ritesh Deshmukh) discovers the plot and tells his boss who turns everyone in, including his son.
In the equivalent of the blue lagoon, young Indians Rohit and Sonia end up on an deserted island after their ship meets with an accident. They are thrown into each others arms literally and fall headlong in love with each other. They are eventually rescued, arrive home, and get married. Rohit likes to sing and dance for a living.
Krrish (2007)
Krrish is a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya and story continues. Rohit and Nisha are married and they have a kid. They both die in a car accident. The kid starts growing up in his grand mother care. As he is growing up he discovers that he has superpowers (in Koi Mil Gaya Jadoo transferred his powers into Rohit, which apparently went to his son). The movie basically shows how he deals with his power and save the world from a villain (Naseeruddin Shah). Krrish Mehra (Hrithik Roshan) is a man with extraordinary strength, speed and intelligence. He loves the calmness and beauty of natural mountainous and surroundings where he is living. He comes across Priya (Priyanka Chopra), a beautiful girl from Singapore, who has come there for camping and trekking and falls in love with her. Krrish is left heart broken when she finally has to leave for Singapore. When Sonia, Krrish grandmother (Rekha) sees how lonely he has become, she encourages him to go to Singapore and woo Priya back. Krrish reach Singapore; find it a completely new and fascinating world. He learns fast and adapts to it quickly. He makes new Chinese friends in Singapore and woos Priya. In one of the songs, the atmosphere is that of a carnival where most of the people are wearing masks of different kinds. The song continues into a circus, there a short circuit happens and the tent of the circus catches fire. The circus performers get stranded on top and start screaming for help. Krrish realizes that he can help them. He sees a slightly broken burnt Mask lying on the ground nearby. He dons the mask for hiding his identity and save them in a spectacular manner. This heroic deed makes the 'Masked Man' a hero and a nationwide search is launched for this new hero in Singapore.
Rakta Charitra is a biographical tale of Paritala Ravi from Andhra Pradesh, a prime accused in a number of murder cases. It is the story of a man's phenomenal rise to power and a story of the most intense blood curdling conflict ever heard of between two individuals. Moreover, the story is also the ultimate statement on the often heard disastrous consequences of a fatal mixture of caste, crime, family feuds and politics.
Sainik (1993)
Lieutenant Suraj Dutt has been in the Indian army for years. It is now time for him to take a leave of absence so that he can meet his father, Retired Colonel Yashpal Dutt, and sister, Minni. He travels home, and on the way rescues some school children held hostage by a group of armed men. The media portrays him as a hero, and it is here that he meets with a young woman named Alka, and both fall in love with each other. Alka and Suraj get the approval of their respective families\\\' and get married.
Drona (2008)
Genre:Fantasy / Social / Thriller
Shooting Studios:Filmcity
Producer:Shrishti Arya
Executive Producer / Co-Producer:Iqbal Kidwai
Director:Goldie Behl
Star Cast
Abhishek Bachchan...... Aditya/ Drona - Superhero
Priyanka Chopra...... Sonia
Kay Kay Menon...... Riz Raizada
Jaya Bachchan...... Queen Jayati
Akhilendra Mishra
Master Veer Arya...... Young Abhishek
Kidnap (2008)
Does committing a crime make you a criminal? Kidnap is a film that asks this question. Vikrant Raina takes one such decision in a moment of extreme rage when his 8 year old daughter is facing a life and death situation. He couldn't imagine how that one decision would affect 14 year old Kabir Sharma's life, he has then been labelled a 'criminal' .
Shadow (2009)
Shadow 2009
Kissan (2009)
Kissan 2009
The Hangman 2010
Lamhaa (2010)
Kashmir... once known as a paradise on earth, it is now a playground of Devils. A company is generating millions of unaccountable dollars that benefit all powers- from politicians and leaders to bureaucrats in the Indian and Pakistani intelligence. From high ranking army and police officers to the militants and their supporters, everyone gets a piece of the pie. The Military Intelligence gets a whiff of a plot that is likely to disrupt and possibly paralyze Kashmir. Vikram is sent to investigate this highly confidential mission using the identity of Gul Jehangir. The same day that he lands in the valley, Haji a top separatist leader, survives a blast. Could there be a connection between the blast and the operation? To solve this conundrum, Vikram teams up with Aziza, Haji's young, aggressive and outspoken protégée. The intensity of their beliefs and their will to survive against all odds creates a special bond between them.
Aakhari Decision 2010
Prince (2010)
One of the savviest thieves in the world commits the biggest heist of his life. He wakes up next morning to realize he has a gunshot wound on his arm that he doesn't remember getting.
In his quest to find answers he discovers his name is Prince, he used to work for a man named Sarang and his girlfriend's name is Maya.
He is being hunted by the secret...
Heropanti (2014)
Rising from present India in the conflicting era of shining modernity and deep-rooted archaic traditions in the era of big city versus small towns, comes a love story sealed with an impossible fate. The story of the bold Bablu and the bratty Dimpy. Will Bablu and Dimpys love blossom under the terror of a brutal clan and the violent landscape it is set against. Heropanti is the story of today’s youth, and the coming of age of its conflicting protagonists.
Kabul Express (2006) The attention of the world is focused, after the terrorist attacks in U.S.A. of 11Sep01, on Afghanistan - a country that has been torn by war for the last 23 years, and has had no media coverage for the last 6, mainly due to it being occupied by the Pakistan-sponsored Taliban, with Pakistani military personnel themselves involved amongst the Taliban. But when the U.S. and it's coalition forces target Osama Bin Laden, Pakistan issues an official denial that there are no more Pakistani military personnel in Afghanistan. This results in a influx of journalist and media from all around the world. Amongst this background a loyal soldier, Subedar Major Jan Mohammed of the Pakistan Border Regiment, estranged from his daughter, Zorya, who detested the Taliban, is now on his way back to the Pakistani border, and in order to do this he has taken four hostages:
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